Kris Handayani, Hetty Zaharani


The purpose of this study to find The Effect Of Spelling Bee Game On Students’ Vocabulary Mastery. The method of this research was used a quantitative research and used experimental method. The array of this inspect was seventh grade students of Junior High School Sinar Husni Helvetia. The sample of this study were divided into two class each class which consist of 30 students. This test was tested by using spss 25. The results of this study showed the data mean score in experimental class of  post-test was 87,17. While, mean score of post-test in control class was 76.33. Based on the criteria of hypothesis test that if sig. 2 tailed(p) was lower than alpha ( ) 0.05. it means Ho (Null Hypothesis) was rejected and Ha (Alternative Hypothesis) was accepted. In this research, the result 2 tailed was 0.000 < 0.05 it showed that there was a significant effect of spelling bee game on students’ vocabulary mastery.

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vocabulary mastery; spelling bee game

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