Improving Students’ Speaking Skills Through Videos at SMP Swasta Sinar Husni

Desy Hutagalung, Yenita Uswar


This research was aimed to find out whether there is a significant effect of using video content making on students' speaking skill. The research method of this research was CAR (Classroom Action Research) in qualitative approach. The sample of this research was eight grade students of SMP SWASTA SINAR HUSNI which consisted of 33 students divided into one class. The data was obtained using pre-test, cycle 1, cycle 2 and post-test. Pre-test was before treatment and post-test was given after treatment. Cycle 1 was in an average of 64,54 and the percentage of successfulness was 15,7%. The Criterion of Minimum Completeness (KKM) was 51%. Cycle 2 was in average 68,48 and the percentage of successfulness was 22,8%. The Criterion of Minimum Completeness (KKM) was 69%. In post test the researcher took 33 students as the sample but the final result there were 25 students with the Criterion of Minimum Completeness (KKM) was 75%.  Then, the instrument used to collect data was written test in the form of a multiple choice. The pre test score is 55,75 and the post test is 78,48.The class percentage that has been implemented approach the Criteria of Minimum Competence (KKM) using the instrument such as video in this research. It can be concluded that the watching through video significantly influences students' speaking skill.

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Improving; Speaking Skill; Video

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